Selma-Montgomery March (1965)

Photographs taken during the 1965 Selma to Montgomery voters rights march.

“At the time I was a photographer on the staff at WSU at Pullman, WA and like so many was appalled at the brutal Alabama state troopers attack on the first attempt, March 7, now called Bloody Sunday. Two days later the marchers were stopped at the same place near the Edmund Pettus Bridge, Turn Around Tuesday. A third attempt was called for giving time for thousands across the nation to congregate at Selma. A campus ad hoc committee asked three of us to fly down to Montgomery and participate in the march that is now marked as a political and emotional peak of the American civil rights movement.

“As we were being driven the 54 miles to Selma, a state troopers car started following. When I turned to photograph. Our driver asked that I not do so, not wanting to give any reason to be pulled over. “Those who protect us we fear.” The photographs begin March 20, Saturday afternoon and conclude Wednesday as the marchers arrive at Montgomery.”

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